Conceived from a mutual awe for the wetlands and surrounding habitats, Wildlands is a concept born from a collective of over 75 years of living and experiencing everything the Northern Territory has to offer. If one place had to be chosen as a single destination to exhibit what makes the flora and fauna so special in the Top End, then this is the place.

Wildlands is the nearest option to Darwin for a truly stunning experience within Australia’s largest wetland system (part of the Mary River floodplains). We have a strict policy of only passive observation when it comes to the fauna found within and around the maze of waterways, but also promote a hands-on interactive approach to the astonishing flora that envelops the region.

Our simple concept is to treat every Safari departure as our first!  The dynamic nature of the food web, the time of year or even day creates an unrepeatable experience each and every time.

A fun ride on the Airboat tour